On Line Dating- Did he REALLY just do that?


For my 2nd online date, it was a warm lead.  I realized that we had mutual friends on Facebook- he was a trainer at my former gym and I recognized him- he always seemed super nice so I thought, why not?  Keep in mind, I was new at this so we picked seeing a movie.  Could there be anything more moronic to pick than to meet a total stranger and see a movie when you’ve just met in the lobby?  Not too swift on my part.

At least we recognized each other from me taking his classes so we sat down and the movie began.  No less than 10 minutes later, the guys hands are all over me. Ewwww.  I kept politely trying to push his hands back over on his side.  It was the longest movie of my life.  When we go out to the parking lot he walks me to my car- I wrapped it up quickly and as we’re about to leave he says, can I have your hand?  It was cold in San Diego that night and he had a big sweater on- he grabs my hand and puts it on his abs and says “It’s pretty cold out tonight- I just wanted you to feel all the hard work I put in since it’s hiding under the clothes.”  OMG!  Seriously?!


I remember calling my mom on the way home and we laughed our asses off but then it just got depressing- I thought to myself is this what I have to look forward to?   But I couldn’t give up yet, right?