Losing Weight…. for GOOD!


Up until the age of 13, I was the girl with the hollow leg- I could eat anything and it didn’t catch up with me.  Until one day, it did.  Unfortunately, that was also the time that I hit a really tough time in school socially so all of middle and high school were spent stuffing my feelings with food.  This lovely sugar addiction went on for 35 wasted years. Last September, I weighed in at 189 lbs at 5’5.  A recipe for disaster as I’m pushing 50.

My friend who had tried a program so successfully that she decided to coach it came to me when she knew I needed something to get on track.  I put her off for a while until I hit rock bottom.  My rock bottom was in this picture taken last October in Cape Cod below- I had thought that outfit was one of my more FLATTERING ones until I saw me in it on film- it was the mother of all wake up calls.  I called my pal and said, I’m in.  It was the best damn decision I ever made.  Within 4 months I lost 40 lbs, workouts consisted of nothing more than a few light walks a week.  Yes, it was low calorie but I wasn’t hungry after the first week.  Eating the pre-made snacks and a normal dinner took all the stress and guesswork out of everything- no counting calories, points, etc… just pick 5 snacks, throw them in your bag and off you go!

I never intended to be successful on this program- I figured I’d drop the usual 10-15 lbs and then gain it back plus more but the difference was that this time, I changed my mindset about food- my habits changed completely.  My brain finally gets that I don’t NEED to stuff my face with endless amounts of sugar every day.  It’s been the greatest gift I ever gave myself.  And I LOVE paying it forward!