Sell your Skills and get the Job

sell skills

I’m a single mom of 3 kiddos living in what is probably the most unaffordable town that a single mom could pick to live in- Coronado Island, CA.  Of course, I was married when we started out here- and now I’m seeing it through so that all three of my kids can graduate here because this is the only place they’ve ever called home.

This requires a very constant flow of income and I am forever trying to drum up new sources to keep all the balls in the air- 2 kids in club soccer doesn’t pay for itself!  Instead of trolling the job boards as I normally do, I decided to toot my own horn recently and I posted on the job page on what I could offer and what I was looking for- I entitled it “I am an Entreprenaur’s Dream” and boy, that got attention.  Not ALL good- I had to reject quite a few adult film requests but beyond that my responses were rock solid!

Use super animated vocabulary about yourself, go to town on how amazing you are and why and even post what your going rate is per hour for working remotely on virtual projects.  You’ll be surprised at how many responses will come your way- quite a few tried to set up meetings at their home- be extremely careful and ALWAYS meet at a public, neutral spot!

Don’t feel like you’re at the mercy of employers and only submitting resumes to them- you know what you’re capable of- so write one incredible post and someone is going to SHOW YOU THE MONEY!  (Any Jerry Maguire fans out there?) 🙂