Am I the only one who’s dog is INSANE?

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore my dog to another level- he has seen me through my divorce and kept me company when the house is WAY too quiet.  We adopted Cyrus through a lab rescue 5 years ago- he was healing from two broken legs when we got him so we had to keep him from running for 6 months to heal when we adopted him… I think we’re still dealing with the residual pent up energy for sure!

If we try and take him to dog beach my stomach is always in knots because I know it’s a given that he will embarrass the crap out of me before we head home- typically he loves to pick the sweet old ladies little pocket puppies and at a hearty 105 lbs he chooses to try and dry hump the 5 lber’s…. it’s ridiculous.  But we deal with it, because he has a face you can’t stay mad at for long.


I waited years to adopt a lab and somehow I ended up with the only yellow lab on the planet that doesn’t chase balls.  Ever.  The only time he gets energetic is when we’re on walks on leash and he sees another dog- that’s when I pray with everything I have that I get to keep my rotator cuff for one more day.  He gets that fur mohawk on his back and turns into a nut job… so we constantly cross streets when we see other dogs coming.  It’s such a calm and relaxing experience most days-she said with heavy sarcasm.   Most hours of the day he keeps it mellow.


He’s pushing 9 so I’m hoping at some point he mellows out but we doubt it.  We wouldn’t change anything about our huge guy though- he showers us with unconditional love 24/7 and he’s a fantastic watch dog- the mailman and poor UPS guys will attest to that one!


Despite the ups and downs, we highly recommend adopting a lab-they ROCK! 🙂  Cy loves to use his humans for pillows most days. 🙂